Differences Between the 19X and 45 – It is Not Just the Color!

Glock logoI have seen some people posting that the Glock 45 is just a black 19X. But that is not really true. There are a number of differences between them that make such a comment somewhat silly. I have compiled a list of differences that I have noticed and included them below. Let me know if you notice any others. Known differences are:

  1. Gen 5 G45 has a flared mag well, G19X doesn’t. This also results in the G45 being slightly (1mm) wider.
  2. G19X has the overbite at the bottom of the front strap. G45 doesn’t.
  3. G19X has the nPVD slide finish, 45 has the standard Gen 5 nDLC finish.
  4. G19X is coyote (NOT FDE), G45 is available in black, FDE, BFG, and gray.
  5. G19X uses maritime spring cups, G45 uses normal spring cups (although they’re both interchangeable).
  6. G19X won’t take “Gen 5” mags unless you swap the floor plates. G45 will. I put quotes around “Gen 5” because mags aren’t really generational like the pistols are. There have been more than 20 versions of mags just for the G17.
  7. G19X has a removable lanyard loop, G45 doesn’t (although Glock does make a black lanyard loop).
  8. Current production Gen 5 G45 has front serrations, G19X doesn’t.
  9. G19X comes with 2×19 round mags and 1×17 round mag (although you can add ‘+’ floor plate, which is Glock part #7151, and insert, which is part #7165 to 17 round mags to make them 19 round. Also would require the #33601 11 coil mag spring). G45 comes with 3x G17 mags.
  10. G19X doesn’t have the newer breech cut that the newer Gen 5 pistols like the G45 have (which aids in ejection)
  11. G45 is available in MOS (in black, FDE and gray), 19X isn’t
  12. G45 is available with factory threaded barrel in black, gray, and FDE – all come with suppressor sights – some Ameriglo. (There was a very limited run of 389 Glock 19X pistols with threaded barrels for a special contract, but only 8 are in private hands, including the one I own.) 45 is also available in MOS with threaded barrel in FDE.
  13. Both are available in 9×19 and 9×21.
  14. The 19X is available in the SL version, which comes from the factory with a color matching Streamlight TLR7A light that has the Glock logo on the bottom. 45 is not.
  15. The 45 is available to military and law enforcement in the MOS3 (DPP), MOS5 (RMR), MOS6 (Holosun), and MOS7 (Acro P-2) direct mill variations. I don’t believe the 19X is available in any of those variations.

In reality, the G45 has far more in common with a Gen 5 G19 or G17 than it does with the G19X

The Glock 19X is NOT part of the Gen 5 family

Glock logoI see people commenting on some sites and in some social networking sites that the Glock 19X pistol is part of the Gen 5 line. It’s technically not, and for some very valid reasons. I’ve compiled this list of more than a dozen reasons why it’s not:

  1. No “Gen 5” on left side of slide
  2. No “Gen 5” on case label
  3. It doesn’t have a Gen 5 sku number (second digit would be an ‘A’ for Gen 5).
  4. Not listed as Gen 5 on individual product page (https://us.glock.com/products/model/g19x)
  5. Not listed as Gen 5 on full product page (https://us.glock.com/products/)
  6. Not listed as Gen 5 on 19X page (https://19x.glock.us)
  7. Not listed on the Gen 5 family page (http://gen5.glock.us/)
  8. Doesn’t have early Gen 5 front strap cutout
  9. Doesn’t have the flared mag well of the early Gen 5
  10. Can’t use Gen 5 mags in it without replacing base plates or modifying frame
  11. Comes with black followers in mags, not orange like Gen 5
  12. Comes with maritime spring cups, not normal spring cups like Gen 5
  13. Comes with newer ejector design (although this is starting to show up in newer Gen 5 pistols)
  14. Different slide finish process (nPVD) than Gen 5 (nDLC)

While there are a lot of common parts between them (an argument that can be made about other generations, too), the 19X is not a Gen 5 pistol.

Glock 19X Coming January 22nd

The Glock 19X, which is basically the civilian version of the 17MHS pistol submitted to the Army, will be available starting January 22nd. Here’s a quick blurb about what’s included:

  1. Rounded mag catch like the Israeli guns
  2. Same slide stop lever, trigger safety, and slide lock spring as used in Gen 5.
  3. Black mag followers – not the orange ones seen in the Gen 5 magazines.
  4. Non-extended mag base plates (like Gen 4) – not like the Gen 5 mag base plates.
  5. No cutout on front strap – frame actually extends down further than Gen 4 style. This is known as the ‘toe’ of the frame, and often jokingly referred to as the ‘camel toe’ on the 19X.
  6. Coyote brown, which is more brown (darker) than current FDE.
  7. Mags match the frame color.
  8. Slide color matches the frame color (more or less) – first time Glock’s done a slide color other than black. Finish is referred to as nPVD, and leaves a deep purple like color on the inside of the slide.
  9. Lanyard hole is part of a removable grip plug and will support the Gen 4/5 style back straps.
  10. No manual safety as seen in the 19MHS and 23MHS guns submitted to the Army. That’s no surprise since Glock has said they wouldn’t release a pistol with a manual safety.
  11. Full size G17 grip length frame with G19 length dust cover, and compact G19 slide.
  12. No finger grooves, and same texture, RTF3, as Gen 4/5.
  13. Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB) just like the Gen 5.
  14. Shipped with Glock night sights. I have NOT seen a sku for a version without night sights.
  15. Looks like they’re made in Austria.
  16. New ejector design (part # 47021) that’s also coming to the Gen 5 guns (no details on what’s different, yet). This is to address the BTF (brass to face) issue that some have experienced.
  17. Gen 5 style trigger assembly.
  18. Slide and frame are beveled like the Gen 5 (Note: early Gen 5 frames were not beveled). That changed in later production in 2017.
  19. MSRP is $750, which is exactly the same as a Gen 5 pistol with night sights. I’ve seen plenty of Blue Label prices, with $533 being common. Again, this pistol ships with night sights, so that’s why the Blue Label price is higher than some other pistols.
  20. I’ve only seen indications that they are made in Austria. I’ve yet to see pictures or skus that any are made in the U.S.
  21. The 19X is not marked with a ‘Gen 5’ on the slide, nor is the product number in the Gen 5 range.
  22. Spring cups are the Glock marine spring cups.
  23. 19X comes with a true spec 1913 rail.

A lot of the following photos are from Glock.


For more info, see http://g41.glock.us/

edit: Glock has removed the original page of content, including the video, from that page. Here’s the basic announcement that originally appeared there:

New link: http://19x.glock.us/

Announcing Glock 19X
GLOCK, Inc. introduces their first ever “Crossover” pistol, the GLOCK 19X, which combines the best features of two of its most popular and most trusted field-tested platforms. The full-size frame and the compact slide have joined forces to produce the ideal pistol for all conditions and all situations.
“The G19X was developed for the military and is a practical everyday pistol that will do what you need it to do, when you need it to; every time, in every condition,” says GLOCK VP Josh Dorsey. “The pistol was developed for the military using GLOCK’s combat proven experience with consideration to efficiency, dependability and durability. Through rigorous testing, the G19X stands out above the competition and has the ability to function in all situations with ultimate reliability and accuracy. Our goal was to meet the demanding needs of the military while maintaining our standard of perfection. With proven results, the G19X delivers maximum efficiency and trustworthiness.”
Confidence now comes in the coyote color with the first-ever factory colored slide. The nPVD slide coating of the GLOCK 19X prevents corrosion, resists chemicals, and stands up against the elements. Additional design features of the G19X include the GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) with enhanced polygonal rifling and an improved barrel crown for increased accuracy, ambidextrous slide stop levers and no finger grooves for better versatility, and a lanyard loop for retention. The pistol includes a standard 17-round magazine and two 17+2-round extended magazines along with a coyote-colored pistol case.
The aggregate effect of all the G19X design enhancements gives any user the assurance to succeed and survive in all situations. A perfect “Crossover to Confidence”.
The G19X will be available beginning January 22nd, 2018 at select dealers.

Trademark info for the 19X is available on the Justia site.

I’ll update this as I get more info.