The Glock 19X is NOT part of the Gen 5 family

Glock logoI see people commenting on some sites and in some social networking sites that the Glock 19X pistol is part of the Gen 5 line. It’s technically not, and for some very valid reasons. I’ve compiled this list of more than a dozen reasons why it’s not:

  1. No “Gen 5” on left side of slide
  2. No “Gen 5” on case label
  3. It doesn’t have a Gen 5 sku number (second digit would be an ‘A’ for Gen 5).
  4. Not listed as Gen 5 on individual product page (
  5. Not listed as Gen 5 on full product page (
  6. Not listed as Gen 5 on 19X page (
  7. Not listed on the Gen 5 family page (
  8. Doesn’t have early Gen 5 front strap cutout
  9. Doesn’t have the flared mag well of the early Gen 5
  10. Can’t use Gen 5 mags in it without replacing base plates or modifying frame
  11. Comes with black followers in mags, not orange like Gen 5
  12. Comes with maritime spring cups, not normal spring cups like Gen 5
  13. Comes with newer ejector design (although this is starting to show up in newer Gen 5 pistols)
  14. Different slide finish process (nPVD) than Gen 5 (nDLC)

While there are a lot of common parts between them (an argument that can be made about other generations, too), the 19X is not a Gen 5 pistol.

5 Replies to “The Glock 19X is NOT part of the Gen 5 family”

  1. The entire pistol is compromised of Gen 5 parts and design. Look at the one pin design above the trigger. Another flaw, the 43X doesn’t say Gen 5 on the slide, but it is.

    Your line of logic is extremely dubious

    The *only* valid argument for the 19X *not* being a Gen 5? All models designed for government/contract are not officially included in standard manufacturing generations. The 19M isn’t a technically a Gen 5 either, but it absolutely is.

    1. Actually, the M pistols came out before the Gen 5 guns did. The Gen 5 are based on the M. As for the 19X, it doesn’t even take Gen 5 mags.

      1. Because the M series were developed concurrently with the development of manufacturing generation 5. As was the 19X, for the Army handgun program. Just because Glock strategically made a public release later doesn’t change that.

        Not a peep about the 43X/48 *not* being a Gen 5 because they don’t say it. What’s next, he RTF2 series wasn’t a Gen 3?

        It’s a shame because the site you’ve built is otherwise mostly filled with great, accurate information. But when you interject your own opinion where facts should be, it casts a large amount of doubt, as well as the logic you used to come to that opinion.

        So once again, here’s the takeaway – the 19X has the same exact parts and more importantly, updated designs (single trigger pin, aside from the TH on the grip, as opposed to all previous generations, ambi slide-stop, barrel, etc etc etc), yet you’re claiming (against what multiple Glock reps have stated), that it’s not a generation 5.

        Hopefully you’re self aware enough to reevaluate this, because it is a pistol developed for the government (which makes it extra-generational) and the magazine point is negated by the very criteria of the contract that it was developed for.

        Or perhaps it’s just an edgy opinion to spice things up around here.

        1. 19X is based on the MHS guns, which were part of the military trials. The 19X, which isn’t the same as the 19MHS/23MHS, came out after the military trials were over.

          Plenty of people internally at Glock have advised the 19X isn’t a Gen 5. Doesn’t even use a Gen 5 frame, either.

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