Differences Between the 19X and 45 – It is Not Just the Color!

Glock logoI have seen some people posting that the Glock 45 is just a black 19X. But that is not really true. There are a number of differences between them that make such a comment somewhat silly. I have compiled a list of differences that I have noticed and included them below. Let me know if you notice any others. Known differences are:

  1. Gen 5 G45 has a flared mag well, G19X doesn’t. This also results in the G45 being slightly (1mm) wider.
  2. G19X has the overbite at the bottom of the front strap. G45 doesn’t.
  3. G19X has the nPVD slide finish, 45 has the standard Gen 5 nDLC finish.
  4. G19X is coyote (NOT FDE), G45 is available in black, FDE, BFG, and gray.
  5. G19X uses maritime spring cups, G45 uses normal spring cups (although they’re both interchangeable).
  6. G19X won’t take “Gen 5” mags unless you swap the floor plates. G45 will. I put quotes around “Gen 5” because mags aren’t really generational like the pistols are. There have been more than 20 versions of mags just for the G17.
  7. G19X has a removable lanyard loop, G45 doesn’t (although Glock does make a black lanyard loop).
  8. Current production Gen 5 G45 has front serrations, G19X doesn’t.
  9. G19X comes with 2×19 round mags and 1×17 round mag (although you can add ‘+’ floor plate, which is Glock part #7151, and insert, which is part #7165 to 17 round mags to make them 19 round. Also would require the #33601 11 coil mag spring). G45 comes with 3x G17 mags.
  10. G19X doesn’t have the newer breech cut that the newer Gen 5 pistols like the G45 have (which aids in ejection)
  11. G45 is available in MOS (in black, FDE and gray), 19X isn’t
  12. G45 is available with factory threaded barrel in black, gray, and FDE – all come with suppressor sights – some Ameriglo. (There was a very limited run of 389 Glock 19X pistols with threaded barrels for a special contract, but only 8 are in private hands, including the one I own.) 45 is also available in MOS with threaded barrel in FDE.
  13. Both are available in 9×19 and 9×21.
  14. The 19X is available in the SL version, which comes from the factory with a color matching Streamlight TLR7A light that has the Glock logo on the bottom. 45 is not.
  15. The 45 is available to military and law enforcement in the MOS3 (DPP), MOS5 (RMR), MOS6 (Holosun), and MOS7 (Acro P-2) direct mill variations. I don’t believe the 19X is available in any of those variations.

In reality, the G45 has far more in common with a Gen 5 G19 or G17 than it does with the G19X