Product SKU Number Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of the product/SKU numbers found in the upper right corner of the case label. These only appear on pistol cases seen in the U.S., regardless of where they were manufactured. Label formats are different outside the U.S. There are plenty of deviations from this list from Glock, which should be no big surprise. I’ve documented over 500 625 800 900 different SKUs just since Glock went to this format with the Gen 3 guns. Note that this is constantly evolving, and I see some new info pop up all of the time. If you have a label that has characters other than what is listed here, let me know. I’d love to see a case label and info so I can investigate. For more information on the different case label colors and what they mean, see Case Label Colors – What Do They Mean?

Note that it’s common to see SKUs listed that start with ‘GL’. That is a prefix that distributors like Lipseys add for internal use. The ‘GL’ is not part of the true Glock SKU number. Below each SKU is a UPC that correlates to the SKU. The UPC almost always starts with 764503 for true Glock SKUs.

In the sections below, I break down the various characters, using the example SKU of PI2350202T. The bold items are the most common ones.

Prefix 1 – PI2350202T

E = US manufactured for export (green label)
F = Federal agency – non-military (red label on the ones I’ve seen)
G = Rebuilds FET IN (orange label)
M = Military
P = AU manufactured
U = US manufactured for domestic/Canada

Known anomalies are:

  1. The U.S.-manufactured Gen 4 17T, with a SKU of PG1050202, which would indicate Austrian manufacture.
  2. The U.S.-manufactured Gen 5 G45 MOS 7 with Acro P2 optic, with a SKU of PA455S303MOS7A1, would indicate Austrian manufacture.

Prefix 2 – PI2350202T

2 = SF ES 1913 Rail Military
3 = SF 1913 Rail Military
4 = ES 1913 Rail Military
5 = 1913 Rail Military
7 = SF GR MB (ambi mag catch)
8 = P80 reissue
9 = SF 1913 MB (ambi mag catch & Picatinny rail)
A = Gen5
C = Cutaway
D = Practice
G = Gen4
H = 21SF RTF2, 30S
I = Fxd or Adj Sight / Gen 3
L = Reset
M = M Series
N = Night sights
R = Rebuilds FET OUT
T = RTF2
X = Crossover (used on the 19X and 43X)

Pistol Model – PI2350202T

These are just the numbers in the model of the pistol. A Glock 17 would be ’17’, as would a 17C, 17TB, 17R, 17P, 17T, 17L, etc. Known anomalies to this logic are:

10 = 19T
12 = 17R
14 = 17T in 7.8x21AC
15 = 17T
16 = 17L

Trigger Pull – PI2350202T

2 = 4.5+NY1
3 = 4.5lb
5 = 5.5lb
6 = NY1
7 = NY2
8 = 8lb

Pistol type – PI2350202T

0 = Standard
1 = Standard with lock
2 = Standard C with lock
5 = Unknown – seen on the green label Mariner pistols – possible maritime spring cups
7 = Green
8 = Green C
9 = Standard C
A = Threaded BBL
B = Flared Magwell/Practice
F = Flared Magwell
P = M Practice Series
R = M Reset
S = Serrations – seen on newer production Gen 5 pistols with front serrations
SL = Silver Line – used on the 43X and 48
T = M T-Series

Sight type – PI2350202T

0 = No sights
1 = Adjustable
2 = Fixed
A or 3 = AmeriGlo sights
4 = Steel Fixed
5 = TALO / Export Lumi.
6 = TNS
7 = GNS
8 = Non-Glock sights
K = Unknown. Seen on one version of the 19M MOS pistols
P = Practice pistol (unconfirmed) – only seen on a Gen 5 17P


G – unconfirmed – likely an indicator of suppressor sights – seen on Gen 5 guns with suppressor sights and threaded barrels

Options – PI2350202T

0 = Standard
1 = XSS
2 = XMC
3 = XSS, XMC
4 = Steel front only
6 = Screw on TNS
7 = Screw on TNS / XSS
A = (unknown – seen on a 19M with PM195F7A2)
B = (unknown – seen on the Gunsite commemorative G45 PA453S3B7MOS6H2)
M = Maritime Spring cups

Magazine – PI2350202T

0 = 3x 10rd mags / LE Domestic (blue label)
0 = Special mag Config Export
1 = 10rd or less commercial (white label)
2 = LE/GSSF (blue label)
3 = Hi-Cap / Commercial (red label) – although have seen some blue labels, namely some ‘M’ pistols
4 = Unique Special Order Export Cerakoted Order Domestic; Distributor exclusive
5 = FBI POW Program (although I’ve seen them with a 7 as well)
6 = Engraved/Special Serial #’s (Glock U.S.A.)
7 = Engraved/Special Serial #’s (Glock Austria) – examples include the 20th-anniversary pistols
8 = Unique Special Orders Domestic
9 = FBI / ATF special configuration
A = Orange follower w/TFP

Unique Identifier – PI2350202T (I have seen a pistol that had multiple unique identifiers. The military MK27 MOD 1 has a ‘MOSU’ identifier), and some of the variations on the G45 include MOSTB, MOSTBDE, and MOSTBGF, among others. For those that indicate a color, that is based on the 8 factory colors that Glock makes frames in. See my post at Glock Factory Colors and Finishes vs. Aftermarket for more info.

2 = (not sure, but used on the G48)
3 = unknown – follows ‘EM’ on the green label Mariner pistols – possibly indicating 3 mags
A = Orange follower w/TFP
AB = AmeriGlo Bold
AC = AmeriGlo Co-witness
AM = Arabic Manual
B = 15rd 9mm Magazines (for pistols that normally include 17rd magazines)
BA = 9rd 9mmm Magazines
BC = (not sure – used on battle-worn & slide cuts model by Chattanooga)
BFG = Battle Field Green (frame only)
BS = unknown – seen on Gen 5 17R pistol UA175SP202BS
BT = Bold TALO
CS = G23 mag w/10 coil spring
CSN = Consecutive Serial #
D = Dark Earth (frame only)
DE = Dark Earth (frame only)
EM = Extended Magazines
ESB = Enhanced Signature Barrel
FGR = Finger Groove & Rail
FM = French Manual
FR = Front Rail (seen on the 43X and 48 with light rails)
FS = Front Serration
GF = Grey Frame (frame only)
GMB = Glock Marking Barrel
H = Holster
L = Nickel
M = Mag Pouch (also see this on some ‘C’ models)
MB = Mag /Bag Combo
MOS = Modular Optical Sight
MOS3 = Slide cut for Leupold DPP
MOS5 = Slide cut for Trijicon RMR
MOS6 = Slide cut for Holosun 509T
MOS6H2 = Slide cut for Holosun 509T and Holosun HE509T-RD X2 installed (seen on the Gunsite commemorative G45)
MOS7 = Slide cut for Aimpoint Acro P-2
MOS7A1 = Slide cut for Aimpoint Acro P-2 and Aimpoint Acro P-2 installed (seen on the PA455S303MOS7A1)
MOSC = Modular Optic Sight with factory-installed Shield RMSc optic
MS = Manual Safety
PM = 2+ & 1 Standard mag
PN = 1+ & 1 Standard mag
SL = Includes Glock branded Streamlight TLR-7AH in FDE (as seen on the UX1950203SL aka “19X SL”)
T = T Pack
TB = Threaded Barrel
TBF = Tactical Brown Frame
U = UID Frame – These have the UID code on the bottom of the trigger guard. They look like a QR code and are used by the government to track military pistols. Examples of pistols that have these are the Mk27 Mod 2, which is a Gen 4 G19 MOS made for SOCOM. Usually, on a MOS pistol expressed as “MOSU”
UTM = Ultimate Training Munitions
X = 4 mags in each case


C = Ported
ES = External Safety
FET = Federal Excise Tax
GNS = Glock Night Sight
GR = Glock Rail
MB = Ambi Mag Catch
NY = New York
POW = FBI Personally Owned Weapon
RTF = Rough Texture Frame 2
SF = Short Frame
TNS = Trijicon Night Sight
XMC = Extended Mag Catch
XSS = Extended Slide Stop Lever
XXX = Non-Glock firearms
1913 = Piccatiny Rail

UPDATE: By the way – I wrote a quick Excel calculator to break down an entered product SKU. Just enter your SKU in the colored field and hit ENTER. The spreadsheet does use macros, but only for the functionality of the buttons. Download it here.

NOTE: This spreadsheet doesn’t take into account some of the anomalies or recent changes listed above.

Different Style Labels Outside of America

For pistols made outside of the U.S. that are not destined for the States, Glock uses an entirely different label format and SKU. The SKU number appears to just be a 4 or 5-digit number.